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Kiambere- Mwingi Water & Sanitation Company (Kimwasco) hereby invites any interested eligible bidders for applications of Tenders and Registration of Suppliers for TWO (2) Years 2022-2024.


KIMWASCO/REG/016/2022-2024 REG 016- Supply & delivery of motorvehicle & motorcycle spareparts Open
KIMWASCO/REG/017/2022-2024 REG 017-Supply & delivery of office furniture and equipment Open
KIMWASCO/REG/018/2022-2024 REG 018- Supply & delivery of lab and DTF equipment, apparatus, tools & reagents Open
KIMWASCO/REG/019/2022-2024 REG 019-Supply & delivery of branded staff uniforms, protective clothing & protective masks Women/Youth/PLWD
KIMWASCO/REG/020/2022-2024 REG 020-Supply & delivery of desktop computers, laptops, printers, tonners, surveillance cameras, tablets electronic equipment Women/Youth/PLWD
KIMWASCO/REG/021/2022-2024 REG 021- Provision of debt collection services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/022/2022-2024 REG 022- Provision of legal services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/023/2022-2024 REG 023- Review of Strategic Plan and other policy documents pen
KIMWASCO/REG/024/2022-2024 REG 024- Provision of environmental & social impact assessment (ESIA) services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/025/2022-2024 REG 025- Provision of workplace occupation, safety & health audit services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/026/2022-2024 REG 026- Provision of enterprise energy audit services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/027/2022-2024 REG 027- Provision of Staff Medical Insurance Services Open
KIMWASCO/REG/028/2022-2024 REG 028- Provision of GIS Mapping services for water sources & pipelines Open
KIMWASCO/REG/029/2022-2024 REG 029- Provision of Work Injury Benefit (WIBA) and Group Personal Accident (GPA) Services. Open
KIMWASCO/REG/030/2022-2024 REG 030- Provision of branding & publicity services Women/Youth/PLWD
KIMWASCO/REG/031/2022-2024 REG 031- Supply, installation, commissioning & maintenance of firefighting equipment Open
KIMWASCO/REG/032/2022-2024 REG 032- Supply & delivery of borehole water pumps, motors, solar panels & accessories Open
KIMWASCO/REG/033/2022-2024 REG 033- Supply & delivery of new motor cycles Open
KIMWASCO/REG/034/2022-2024 REG 034- Supply & delivery of cold water meters, prepaid meters, smart meters, master meters, meter accessories & meter test bench Open
KIMWASCO/REG/035/2022-2024 REG 035- Supply & delivery of plastic & fibre glass tanks Open
KIMWASCO/REG/036/2022-2024 REG 036- Provision of General Insurance Services for Motor Vehicle & Motor Cycles Open
KIMWASCO/REG/037/2022-2024 REG 037- Provision of transport services e.g taxis, buses for staff, heavy machinery & water chemical Open
KIMWASCO/REG/038/2022-2024 REG 038- Provision of motor vehicle motor cycle tracking services Women/Youth/PLWD
  1.  Tendering and registration of suppliers will be conducted through the national competitive tendering procedures using a standard tender document and is open to all qualified and interested bidders.
  2.  Qualified and interested applicants may obtain further information and inspect the tenders and Registration Documents during normal office hours from 0900 to 1600 hours at the address given below.
  3.  Tenders and Prequalification/Registration Documents may be viewed and obtained by downloading free of charge from the website .Applicants who download the tenders and Prequalification/ Registration Documents must forward their particulars immediately to the official company email address; to facilitate any further clarification or addendum.
  4.  NB: Any clarifications/addendum shall be posted on the above websites; Bidders are advised to keep visiting the websites for any updates.
  5. Late applications shall be rejected.
  6. with a duplicate COPY, clearly marked with the Tender/Registration Reference No. and Category, shall be submitted by delivery to the postal address given below or deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Kiambere-Mwingi Water & Sanitation Company, Mwingi Town Offices, Kenya News Agency building,
    Kyuso Garissa Road Junction on or before 7th June, 2022 at 12.00 Noon. Tenders will be publicly opened immediately after deadline in the presence of the Tenderers’ designated representatives who choose to attend at the address above. Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after Bid opening.
    Completed application tender and Prequalification/ registration documents in plain sealed envelopes addressed to:
    The Managing Director Kiambere-Mwingi Water & Sanitation Company P.O Box 656-90400, MWINGI

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