Majority of our customers are metered. Because demand for water far exceeds the production capacity at the Kiambere Water Treatment Plant, we supply water on rationing programme to ensure equitable distribution.
The customers are billed monthly and a disconnection exercise is carried out after a 10-day grace period from the date of the bill. Those who default are disconnected and fined Ksh. 500.00 reconnection fee.
In the event of disruption of water supply due to breakdown or any other cause, we notify our customers via written notices and SMSs.


The company operates 65 water kiosks through which non-metered water consumers buy water at 2/= per 20-litre jerrican. The opening hours are 7.00 AM in the morning to 5.30 PM in the evening.


We are keen to ensure access to basic sanitation by our customers especially those in low income areas. To this end, we signed financing agreement with the WSTF under UBSUP programme 1st call to upgrade basic sanitation in low income areas of Mwingi town. We also oversee operation of a public toilet in Mwingi town.


KIMWASCO operated 4 boreholes that is Ukasi, Kakunike, Kanzui and Tyaa Kamuthale.


We deliver water using water trucks to customers who need it in bulk or who are outside our distribution network. The price depends on distance covered (see attached water trucking schedule).

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