The Kiambere Mwingi Water and Sanitation Companya water bills, water trucking and meter charges are paid directly to the Companyas bank accounts listed below:

  1. Equity bank 0590295549051
  2. Co-operative bank 01100398327900
  3. KCB 1112294120

Water deposits for new water connections are paid directly to the company bank account below:

  1. Equity bank 0590295548998

The company also has an M-pesa pay bill account where customers can pay for their bills directly from their safaricom M-pesa account to the company account.

The M-pesa pay bill number is 803650.

To pay your bills through m-pesa, a customer should follow the procedure detailed below:

Go to your phone M-PESA MENU LIPA NA M-PESA PAY BILL ENTER BUSINESS NUMBER (803650)  ENTER ACCOUNT NUMBER (customers connection number- usually starts with a C) ENTER AMOUNT (bill amount to be paid) ENTER YOUR PIN (m-pesa pin) CLICK OK.

You will get a prompt message asking you if want to pay bill to the business number 803650, click ok and the transaction will be complete. You will then get a message informing you that you have paid your bill to KIMWASCO.

Th e company then gets a notification immediately about the transaction and your account is updated right away