Mr. Paul Kinuba-Managing Director
Mr. Paul Kinuba-Managing Director

Kiambere-Mwingi Water & Sanitation Company Limited is in the business of providing potable water and basic sanitation services within the greater Mwingi district now Mwingi Sub-county. Our main objectives are to:

  1. Build a strong institution capable of providing reliable water supply and sanitation services to the Mwingi Sub-county.
  1. Extend water supply and sanitation services to every corner of Mwingi Sub-county by continually improving & expanding water supply and sanitation infrastructure.
  2. Attain self-financial sustainability through expansion of customer base and appropriate costing of the services we render.
  1. Position the company as a key player in the development of the Mwingi Sub-county by rendering quality services and undertaking corporate social responsibilities.

We strive to improve the living standards of our customers by:

  1. Promoting hygienic living to the members of the public by sensitizing them of the importance of using treated water and basic sanitation.
  2. Supplying clean and safe drinking water and providing basic sanitation services to our customers.
  3. Ensuring sustainability of water and sanitation services through timely billing for services offered and collection of revenue.
  4. Carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance of water treatment works facilities and water distribution networks

Since its incorporation in May 2009, the company has gone through difficult transition occasioned by the Water Act 2002 and lately by the new Constitution. Despite the myriad difficulties posed by the transition, the company has slowly but consistently grown both institutionally and financially. It has over the years

Developed its own operational systems that have enabled it to meet its mandate of providing water and sanitation services to its customers.


The main challenges that inhibit growth at the desired pace include the high cost of electricity considering that it constitutes 40% of O&M cost, high Non-Revenue Water (NRW) about 40% due to old and dilapidated distribution network and illegal connections. There is also the challenge of lack of key technical personnel. The foregoing notwithstanding, the Board, Management and staff are united in their collective effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Thus, concerted effort has been made to reduce the NRW to 20% by installing monitor meters and creating a NRW Unit mandated with the responsibility of identifying causes of water loss and addressing them. Measures have also been put in place to address high electricity bills by carrying out energy audit at Kiambere T/Works and implementing some of recommendations arrived at.

We appreciate the support rendered by the County government of Kitui by paying electricity bills and hope that this support will continue in order to sustain the services. Additionally, we hope that phase 2 will be implemented as scheduled so as to address the question of dilapidated water supply and distribution system and increase our water supply and distribution capacity.


The company makes deliberate effort to adopt and practise the best corporate governance standards. As a corporate body, we strive to follow the law and the relevant regulations.

The Board, Management and staff are required to practise good code of ethics and create good corporate image by engaging our customers and other stakeholders honestly and with respect.

As an employer, we seek to have competent personnel for various positions in the company establishment through competitive recruitment. Interested persons are given equal opportunity to apply for any vacant positions in the company. Each employee is properly inducted and advised to observe high standards of integrity inside and outside the work place.

We continually make effort to adopt good and effective operational processes and systems particularly in Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Operation and Maintenance. Above all, as a corporate entity, we strive to be a good citizen by playing our role in nation building and taking our corporate social responsibilities seriously.


As a provider of clean and safe drinking water and basic sanitation, we carry out our duties with due diligence to ensure quality and safety of our products and services. We strive to effectively play our role in nation building and take our corporate social responsibilities seriously.