Mr.Josphat Mulyungi - Chairman

The company came into existence from May 2009 in pursuit of implementing water Act 2002. We came in as Water Service Provider for the greater Mwingi Region. The challenge was put on us to be a viable and sustainable water service provider. The company has directors drawn from the community who receive water services from Kiambere Mwingi water main pipeline.

We have undertaken this journey of making water service provision be viewed with business ethos. Under the watch of Tanathi Water Service Board, we went through the clustering process and were left as Mwingi Kyuso cluster and others. Making Kiambere Mwingi water & sanitation company Ltd the operational arm of this cluster.

The first challenge we had to face was to streamline staff levels to 42 in conformity with WASREB guidelines on staffing levels. Transitions from TARDA to Tanathi Water Services Board and eventually to have staff accept the fact that they were employees of Kiambere-Mwingi Water and Sanitation Company Ltd took painful time. This has seen us have a vibrant team of administration of policies developed by the board of directors.

The second challenge we had to face was our aging pipeline, Kiambere complex pumping system and the expanded demand for our water services to Mwingi town and its environs plus Kyuso town. This is against a background of a population running away from dirty water from Tyaa River in Mwingi town, Kamuwongo River, Itivanzeu River in Kandwia and Thunguthu River in Kyuso town. The planned phase 2 would assist us address this challenge.

The third challenge has been our inability to pay our ever rising electricity bills. We are forced to rely on subsidies from the central government in the previous years but currently on the Kitui County Government. Our hope here is twofold: increase our tariff and implement phase 2 to achieve the economies of scale.

These challenges have to be faced within the known facts that bill of rights in our constitution states that every person has the right to clean and safe water in

adequate quantities. This is the responsibility we have to try and carry out in full. Our national government plus our county government will have to assist Kiambere-Mwingi Water & Sanitation Company Ltd to fulfill its mandate of being a viable and sustainable Water Service Provider in this region.

Finally the company has moved to maximize participation of communities being serviced by KIMWASCO by having 50 representatives of stakeholders in the areas served by the company. These representatives will be meeting once per year to scrutinize the service provision mechanisms of the company including the key policy decisions as well as the administrative matters. We journey with our county government as water is a devolved function. We have seen positive results in all areas of cooperation particularly the subsidy we get in the form payment of electricity bills. Water is life and our constitution demands that right be preserved